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I've build all the required dll files with from Crosser.

Environment downloads

Dllstacks are now available from Crosser Sourceforge page. You want files named as win32stack-<version>.7z or win32stack-full-<version>.7z. These require Windows XP or newer. See Qt-client and freeciv-ruledit below for the difference of "full" and regular variants.


Once environment is unzipped, couple of configuration files must be regenerated with correct paths.

In DOS-prompt

  cd path to crosser environment


Freeciv is released under GPLv2+ license.


I have used this kind of installation procedure myself.

Qt-client and freeciv-ruledit

Starting from version 0.15, there's two different crosser-packages available. Of those only the "full" -variant contains Qt libraries needed by Freeciv Qt-client and ruleset editor. Those programs cannot be used (they will complain about missing dll) if you have installed only the regular crosser build. Other freeciv programs are usable with either crosser build.

Download location

Latest builds are available from . Name of the topmost directory tells what freeciv branch they are from (S2_5 / S2_6 / S3_0 = TRUNK ). Second level directory name tells what crosser version builds are compatible with.

Building Freeciv using Crosser dllstack env

Build script

I've now (14-Jan-13) made my own build script publicly available. Note that this was originally just batch of commands to ease typing them manually every time. It still has things like paths hardcoded according to my own system. Do not assume that you can simply use it as is, but adjust for your needs first. Released under GPLv2+. version (Updated 13-Aug-15).

Configure parameters

Environment variables

Marko Lindqvist