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Rulesets by Cazfi

Alien World

Ruleset written completely from scratch, not just tweaked default rules. We currently consider adding this to main freeciv project as the alternative ruleset to default style ones.


Ruleset forked from the ruleset I play with, which itself has originally been forked from freeciv's classic (default) ruleset.


Minimal ruleset with which freeciv still starts. Meant to be used as starting point in developing real rulesets.

As of 2.6, stub ruleset is being maintained in main freeciv git repository. You can always get the current development versions from there.

This ruleset contains only one nation, so there can be only one player. Freeciv 2.1.4 and earlier crash if you try to start game with more than one player. Freeciv 2.1.5 and later do not allow you to select more than 1 players.



Demo ruleset for testing and demonstrating possibilities Freeciv ruleset format allows. This is based on above stub-ruleset. This ruleset is subject to unbalanced and semi-random changes when ruleset format allows new things, or some feature is already stable.




Demo ruleset for gen-movement. Works with development version of Freeciv. This is modified version of default rulesets.

It's unlikely that I update this ruleset any more. Feature demonstrations will be made with above demoset.

Differences to default rules

Rulesets by other authors


I have updated Ancients ruleset to work with latest Freeciv versions, mainly for testing Freeciv engine. I have not paid attention to balancing updated versions for playability. More Ancients information from Ancients wiki page.

Since version 2.3 freeciv comes with utility called freeciv-modpack for easily installing modpacks. Easiest way to obtain Ancients for freeciv 2.3 or 2.4 is to launch that utility and select Ancients from the list it provides. Downloads below are provided just for redundancy, and in case someone wants full Ancients package (including outdated stuff not contained in freeciv-modpack installable material).

Ancients for Freeciv 2.5.x

* tar.xz
* 7z

Ancients for Freeciv 2.4.x

* tar.bz2
* zip

Ancients for Freeciv 2.3.x

* tar.bz2
* zip

Ancients for Freeciv 2.2.x

Download: tar.bz2 / zip

Ancients for Freeciv revision 15839

Download: tar.bz2 / zip


I have updated Fantasy ruleset to work with current Freeciv development version. Official Fantasy versions can be found from wiki page.

Fantasy for Freeciv 2.2.x

Download: tar.bz2 / zip

Fantasy for Freeciv revision 15839

Download: tar.bz2 / zip
Marko Lindqvist